ANON is committed to stimulating life skills and wellness methods all across society. In accordance with our vision and mission, we conduct frequent workshops, both online and offline, for students, parents, teachers and corporates all in a bid to spread information about various ongoing mental health issues along with educating them about multiple ways and strategies to develop in a holistic way. Schools and other educational institutions may click here to register for workshops at their premises. Take a look at our workshops’ archives to know more about the sessions we conduct:


> Mental Health> Anger Management
> Anti-Bullying> Stress Management
> Motivation> Happiness
> Art of Parenting> Building Optimism
> Technology Addiction> Lifestyle Management
> Health & Hygiene> Good Touch & Bad Touch
> Resilience> Innovative Teaching Techniques
> Cultivating Emotional Quotient> Building Responsibility
> Leadership> Body Image & Self Esteem
> Effective Study Skills> Understanding Adolescents
> Conflict Management> Social Etiquettes
> Growth Mindset> Work Life Balance

Why Us

  • Open to all schools, colleges, universities, organisations, corporates, RWA
  • Free of cost
  • Online & Offline PAN-INDIA reach
  • Holistic blend of well-structured and well-researched content from multiple angles
  • Interactive and activity-based engaging workshops
  • Encourages reflective learning and divergent thinking
  • Experienced and expert panelists
  • In sync with SDG 2030 & NEP 2020

Learning Outcomes

  • Development of a set of foundational skills, competencies, behaviours, attitudes and personal attributes which enable young people to effectively navigate their environment & live life with purpose and responsibility towards self and others.
  • Integrate value orientation, effective communication, critical thinking and responsibility to make positive and informed life choices.
  • Foster an attitude of appreciation for life-long learning.
  • Advancing overall well-being to lead an empowered life and be future-ready.

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