ANONओत्सव, the yearly anniversary celebration of Anon Global Foundation, is a momentous event that radiates joy, gratitude, and reflection. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication and impactful work towards creating positive change in the community. The venue, adorned with vibrant colors and inspiring displays, becomes a sanctuary of hope and resilience. Enthusiastic volunteers and passionate supporters unite, sharing stories of transformation and compassion, fueling a renewed determination to make a tangible difference. With gratitude overflowing, we honor and felicitate the efforts of interns, speakers, trainers and schools for their invaluable contributions, which have painted vibrant strokes of brilliance upon our collective journey.

As we celebrate this milestone, guided by our shared vision, we stand united in our commitment to create lasting change. With profound gratitude and unwavering dedication, we persevere in our relentless pursuit to enhance the well-being of those we are committed to serving.

ANONओत्सव 2023
ANONओत्सव 2022

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