ANON Global Foundation conducts various internships on multiple mental health and social issues for youth across the country. The internships we conduct aim to foster the development of life skills among the students, and help qualities like perseverance, leadership,resilience and communication thrive in them. Through various tasks like survey conductions, film-making, research and analysis, we help build next generation leaders via means of our programmes. Check out our internships archives to know more about our previous internships. Next opportunity of internships starts soon. Click here to register.

Internship 10

ANON conducted an online internship for students of classes IX-XII on life skill development for the youth across India. The programme began on June 4, 2021, and went on till June 28. Students from all over the country turned up enthusiastically to participate in the internship. The theme of the internship programme was ‘Building Leaders through Life skills’, and both the interns and the mentors put their best foot forward and gave their best efforts throughout the course of the entire programme. The internship programme also had an eminent jury, and the members of the jury gave their guidance and support to all the participating students. The internship was truly a phase of mental development, learning and constructive efforts.

YWCA Phase 1

Can you define a student? For some people- a student is a child, wearing a uniform, carrying a heavy bag, and burdened with homework. For other people- a student is a youth, full of energy & questions. But, for ANON Global Foundation- a student is anyone curious enough to learn- regardless of their age. Our internship programme, in collaboration with the YWCA of India is a mixed bag of knowledge & life skills. Our goal was to teach everyone about Psycho-Social & Mental Health issues so that they would be able to apply social and life skills in their lives as well as those around them. The programme was open to all students from class 6 to those pursuing an undergraduate degree, and was a smashing success overall with a massive active participation. Find more about YWCA project report by clicking here.

YWCA Phase 2

A fun and informative 3 week internship was conducted under phase 2 of the YWCA collaboration. The internship was also a part of the Covid Crisis Response initiative, and saw several students joining us from across India for 3 weeks for perseverance,brainstorming and research. The interns dealt with topics surrounding various mental health and social issues, and their words, opinions and hard work truly gave all of the hope for a better world in the future.

Internship 1

The pandemic and lockdown changed our lives forever and also gave us a chance to channelize our minds towards a new direction that was to engage with school students to the optimum level owing to this, Anon Global foundation planned an online internship program for 15 days. It was a success with 6 schools competing together to get to the top but also learning valuable life skills throughout the journey of the internship. All participating interns, mentors, and co-mentors were full of enthusiasm and excitement despite the fact that they were all working online.

The interns had to make a presentation, filmmaking, conduct research and do a survey analysis on their assigned topic and present it in front of the jury who were thrilled to judge these talented interns. In the end, there was a felicitation ceremony to recognise the best performances.

Internship 2

ANON Global Foundation conducted a 2 week internship for undergraduate students pan India. We gave them the platform to express their understanding and views on life skills via this programme in order to tap into the ample talent they have to offer. The 15 days of the internship also helped enhance their learning and confidence, and all of us at ANON are very appreciative for the entire team associated with the internship, including the interns, mentors and jury members, all of whose participation and enthusiasm made the programme a smashing success.

Internship 3

Anon Global Foundation organised another Internship for a fortnight where participating students were given various mental health-related topics where they had to conduct ground research and analysis of the topics assigned to them respectively. It was an unforgettable journey for the Anon team to administer a National School Internship Program wherein the interns, Mentors, and Co-Mentors who came from all over India put their best efforts and diligence, the result was an astounding performance by each of them in front of the jury.

A felicitation ceremony was also conducted to award the deserving teams. In the end, we at Anon are really thankful to all the Interns, Mentors, Co-Mentors, juries, and Chief Guests for their full dedication that made this event a great success.