Parents Workshops

ANON conducts module based workshops for parents of school students in schools and other educational institutions. Find below the various modules and pictures from our workshops:

  • Understanding Mental Health & Life skills
  • Art of Parenting (for Junior School Parents)
  • Challenges of Teenage Parents
  • Infusing Values in Family Culture
  • Smart Parenting for Smartphones
  • Handling Bullying
  • Building Confident Child
  • Value Your Blessings
  • Raising Happy Children
  • Balancing Work & Family
  • Teaching Personal Safety
  • Money Management for Children
  • Different Parenting Styles
  • Handling Aggression
  • Students & Education Problem
  • Nurturing Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Smart Study Habits
  • Social Media Impact
  • Handling the Setbacks
  • Understanding Your Child World (Love & Relationships)

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