Cyber Bullying and Cyber Safety

With the increase in usage of technology, children are exposed to the vast world of the internet at a very young age. This has led to children committing certain mistakes in innocence, which in turn costs them heavily and they are bullied through technology. This bullying is no less than the normal bullying at school and can lead to similar mental health issues in them. Children are vulnerable and they seldom understand the repercussions of things unless they are aware. Seeing the times we are in, it has become a necessity for children to be aware of such bullying and what all they can practice to protect themselves.

ANON’s program on Cyber Bullying and Cyber Safety is aimed to make individuals aware about the actions they take online that can lead to bullying. ANON tries to make them understand that individuals who spend a lot of time online, especially on social media, are literally subjected to the bullying and its negative effects around the clock. This program makes the children understand the impact on individuals because of cyberbullying through case studies.

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